Jeffrey Herbst | Northern Sky Theater

Jeffrey Herbst

Artistic Director

Jeff has been with Northern Sky since 1991 and became artistic director in 1993. He began his collaboration with the Heritage Ensemble, Northern Sky’s predecessor, in 1985 as part of the Governor Dodge State Park troupe and then migrated north to direct for the Peninsula State Park group in 1988 and 1989. He has worked on over seventy-five original productions with Northern Sky, including Guys on Ice, Lumberjacks in Love, Packer Fans from Outer Space, and Bone Dance. Jeff was instrumental in developing Northern Sky’s New Works Program and the Fred Alley New Musical Fund, nurturing writing teams in bringing an original work “from the page to the stage.” He was integrally involved with the design of the new Gould Theater and Northern Sky campus. He recently initiated Northern Sky NOVA, a nascent program for nurturing up-and-coming talent. Jeff has an MFA in Acting from the Asolo Conservatory and has performed on and off Broadway, as well as at regional theatres throughout the United States. He and Fred Alley were honored in 2017 with the Distinguished Alumni Award from their alma mater, Mt. Horeb High School, for their work in creating original musical theater.


Office: 920.633.3232