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Theater Experience

How to have a great first-time (or repeat!) experience at Northern Sky Theater

Outdoor Experience


Northern Sky Theater outdoor shows are great for all ages. Shows run about 90 minutes with no intermission. Here, you’ll find our tips for making the most out of your first — or next — visit to our outdoor amphitheater:

Spend some time in the park before you visit us!
Peninsula State Park is one of the most beautiful and best-loved parks in the state of Wisconsin. Taking in an evening show at Northern Sky is the perfect finale to a day spent hiking, biking, beaching, bird-watching — the list is endless.

Food, Beverages and Souvenirs.
Picnic tables and grills are located at nearby Nicolet Beach, and there are also several tables outside the amphitheater. Our concessions booths will be closed this year (we know, we’ll miss the popcorn, too!). Our merchandise booth will also be closed—but we’ll have merchandise for sale online!

Be aware of the Wisconsin State “Bird.”
We do make a regular effort to reduce the skeeter population on the amphitheater grounds. That said, we have heard that folks spot a mosquito or two from time to time — especially when the sun is setting. Bug spray is available near the restrooms, and is free for your use. Remember — a little goes a long way.

Dress code?
We hope you brought a tuxedo and ball gown…kidding, kidding! There is absolutely no dress code. However, some ways of dressing make more sense than others. Our rule of thumb — prepare for Northern Sky just as you would for any evening outdoor event in Door County. A night in the woods — even on the warmest day — can turn chilly in the dark. We suggest a few layers, and you’re more than welcome to bring a blanket. Snuggling up is recommended!

Understand your seating options.
The park seating is oversized wooden benches with backs. Cushions are available to rent for a small fee, or feel free to bring your own padding of choice. The amphitheater seating rises naturally from the stage to the very back of the theater — so there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to the performance.

Get here! We can’t wait to see you.
It is NOT necessary to have a state park sticker to enter the park to see a Northern Sky performance, as long as you park in our parking lot and enter less than one hour prior to the performance. If you do plan to spend time in the park prior to show time, you can get Day park passes for $10 for WI state residents ($3 for WI state residents 65 and older), and $13 for out-of-state visitors.

Know what to do if it rains.
We hope that every night we have a performance we don’t see any raindrops, but storms do happen every so often during shows. For more information on what happens if it rains during an outdoor show — and more frequently asked questions — head here.

Indoor Experience


We opened the doors to our new Creative Center and indoor Gould Theater right in time for the 2019 fall season. We’re thrilled to be presenting two shows in the Gould this year in addition to shows at our outdoor amphitheater at Peninsula State Park. Take a look at the information below so you’ll know what to expect when you attend an indoor Northern Sky performance!

Get to know The Gould.

The Northern Sky Theater Creative Center and Gould Theater is nestled into the woods at 9058 County Road A in Fish Creek. We like to say that the theater is as close to the outdoors as you can be while still sitting inside!

An homage to the theater’s longtime home in the park can be seen in many details of the indoor theater, from the parking lot to the entrance. The visual impact of the tall vertical trees in the park and the vertical boards backing the outdoor stage is echoed in the Gould. The parking lot is intentionally set away from the theater — just as it is outdoors — so you’ll be able to take a short walk from your car up a winding path through the trees and into the building.

As you walk in, the first thing you’ll see is the lobby — a mix of wood timbers and metal elements, aiming to be modern but also honor the history of our Peninsula State Park Amphitheater.

This infusion of our outdoor amphitheater’s characteristics continues as you walk into the 248-seat Gould Theater. The knotty pine wall to your left reaches three stories, reminiscent of the tall pines of the park. To the right, the outdoors is brought in through 28-foot-high windows with huge wooden shutters that close during performances. The stage is deep, with wings that allow our performers to use the entire space.

Understand your seating options.
Unlike our outdoor theater, all of the 248 seats in our indoor Gould Theater are reserved. All of the seats are on the main floor, and the seating consists of long rows with aisles on the side. When you order your seats over the phone or online, you have the option to select your seats based on our seating chart. The indoor theater features comfortable, custom audience chairs that are cushioned with wooden armrests. Accessible seating is also available.

Arrive early.
Even though all of the tickets available for our indoor season are reserved seating, we still ask that you arrive at the Gould Theater at least 20 minutes prior to the beginning of a performance. You’re welcome to wait in the lobby of the theater, or, if the weather is nice, there’s a patio with tables and chairs to help pass the time. Seating opens approximately 30 minutes prior to show time.

What about parking?
The Creative Center & Gould Theater has a dedicated parking lot by the theater building. Volunteers will be onsite to direct you. Accessible parking is also available, and signs in the parking lot indicate the designated accessible parking areas.