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Commitment to Inclusion

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Northern Sky’s Commitment to Inclusion

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Solutions (IDEAS)

The arts belong to EVERYBODY.

The artists, board and staff members of Northern Sky celebrate our common humanity and equality.

We are committed to the work needed to promote Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Solutions (IDEAS) to broaden representation and build relevancy to individuals of all backgrounds for the betterment of our organization. This work enhances our mission “to foster a humanistic work environment with adequate and appropriate emotional, financial, and creative support for all those associated with us.”

Through our IDEAS Task Force, we commit to amplifying the power of diverse perspectives that help us bridge differences and will actively engage in the advancement of equity for the progress of Northern Sky and the Door County community we serve.

Below are our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Solutions principles, which will help explain our commitments.


We are committed to creating an open and welcoming culture. We encourage all people who partner with us – artists, musicians, volunteers, and audience members – to bring their whole and authentic selves to the work of our organization, so that all voices are seen and heard.


We affirm our similarities, and we also find value in our differences. We believe that our differing perspectives helps us experience the world more fully. We will continue to seek and welcome diverse stories and artists so that we can more effectively present relevant and enlightening performances to the community.


We each have equal value and inherent worth. We are committed to creating systems, practices and policies that allow everyone to be treated fairly and equally within the Northern Sky organization.


By Access, we mean that we are committed to the active, intentional, and ongoing provision of equitable and effective inclusion for our audiences and all those affiliated with Northern Sky.


We are committed to finding solutions to support all the above. We don’t want merely to stop at words – but aim to actively pursue our commitments, making changes to old habits and ways, as needed. We believe this is crucial in order to safeguard a healthy and sustainable future for Northern Sky Theater. We believe that the next generation of Northern Sky artists and staff can be the leaders of tomorrow in the Door County community.

At Northern Sky we desire to constantly listen, learn, and grow. We believe that becoming a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization is essential to that growth.

We are committed to IDEAS as an ongoing effort, one that is not limited to an individual show or season.

It’s important to remember our past and our histories, and it is equally important to imagine our future, and see ourselves healthy and thriving.

View a list of actions taken and items achieved in regards to our IDEAS goals by following the link below. This IDEAS In Action list will be updated as progress in our work continues.