Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy Rider | Northern Sky Theater

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy Rider

By accepting this contract (or letter of agreement) for employment with Northern Sky Theater, I acknowledge that I have read this document and understand that I am responsible for contributing to an inclusive, respectful, and anti-racist work environment for everyone I interact with during my period of employment.  A racist, ableist, or otherwise exclusionary workplace diminishes the quality of the theater we create, and negatively impacts individuals, the company and our audiences.  It takes all of us to build and sustain an organization and industry based in trust, equity, and safety for every person. 

Likewise, Northern Sky Theater extends to me a commitment to uphold these standards, and provide a safe, responsive way to raise concerns and ensure that those concerns are addressed, free from negative professional repercussions for the employee.

Workplace Expectations:

Northern Sky’s commitment to a safe and inclusive workplace is in keeping with our mission of providing a humanistic work environment and the following statements are meant to augment our commitment to this mission:

  • We will provide a positive, respectful, and nurturing work environment for all employees and guest artists that allows everyone to work to their full potential. We will conduct ourselves with integrity in all interactions representing Northern Sky Theater.
  • We acknowledge the systemic racism in our community and industry and commit to anti-racist policies, practices and learning in all areas of our work, and to create a safe, supported and empowered environment for all our colleagues who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.
  • Door County is a predominantly white region. Though we have a depth of artistic excellence in our community, most of the art created and consumed here is from a white perspective. We know a more inclusive peninsula will be a stronger peninsula and we will make an ongoing commitment to create space for new voices.
  • We will forge collaborative partnerships, with particular attention to building authentic relationships with underrepresented artists.
  • We will strategically invest our time and resources in storytelling that enhances the experience of our current audiences and grows the pool of new audience members.

As a contracted employee of Northern Sky Theater, we ask you to: 

  • Understand that any form of racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or other forms of hatred, bias, or discrimination will not be tolerated, and may be cause for termination of your contract.
  • Work to allow space for all to contribute, regardless of professional title or personal identity.
  • Be mindful of ingrained power dynamics and strive to be equitable and inclusive in all interactions.
  • Understand that all constructive ideas, thoughts, and experiences are welcome and encouraged to be shared without judgment or fear of future consequences.
  • Acknowledge that we are all learning and strive to not judge folks for not knowing. It is okay to not know.
  • Understand that impact is important regardless of intention. You may do or say something that was not intended to be harmful, but is, in fact, harmful.  In those situations, you will be asked to take action to repair the affected relationship.

Language in this section adapted from guidelines shared by Capacity Interactive, Broadway Advocacy Coalition, Dance/USA, PBS Kids, and TCG.

Voicing Concerns: 

Northern Sky takes the commitments included in this agreement very seriously. If you experience a violation of these expectations, we ask that you let us know so we can address it quickly and effectively. There are multiple avenues for voicing a concern, and all come with a pledge of anonymity (if desired) and freedom from retaliation on the part of Northern Sky. Any of the individuals below are prepared to hear your concerns and to initiate a process to investigate and address those concerns. You are encouraged to contact any of the following:

While the next steps will, by necessity, be determined case-by-case depending on the nature of the specific concern, all will be handled with appropriate confidentiality, seriousness, and a commitment to harm prevention, harm reduction, and relationship repair.  The response plan will be shared with the individual bringing the issue to our attention to ensure accountability.