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Songs of Hope

2020: it’s not the year we were expecting. Across the globe, people are feeling the strain of distance and illness. Here at home, injustice has led to heartbreak and unrest. What can a little theater in the woods do about any of this?

Well, we believe that sharing stories matters, and that art has the power to heal.

“Hope,” Fred Alley wrote, “is building a cabin, buying a new hat, planting a garden, falling in love–things that say we plan on being there tomorrow.” We plan on being here tomorrow. And so we bring you “Songs of Hope,” a collection of some of the most heartening material we could find in our archives. We hope this brings you a little light in the darkness—like happening upon a small, bright stage in the middle of the deep northwoods.

Featuring songs from Northern Sky favorites:
Dad’s Season Tickets
Guys On Ice
Loose Lips Sink Ships
Victory Farm
We Like It Where?

To join us for this event:
Donate $30 and you’ll receive the super-secret link and the super-secret password to join us on the day of the event.

The link is available starting Friday, August 21 at 7 pm, and can also be viewed after that date on demand.

Music, Lyrics and Books by:

Fred Alley, Emilie Coulson, Katie Dahl, Jacinda Duffin, Laurie Flanigan Hegge, James Kaplan, Corrie Beula Kovacs, Steve Kovacs, Robin Share, James Valcq, Clay Zambo, Matt Zembrowski

Fred Alley
Emilie Coulson
Katie Dahl
Jacinda Duffin
Laurie Flanigan Hegge
James Kaplan
Corrie Beula Kovacs
Steve Kovacs
Robin Share
James Valcq
Clay Zambo
Matt Zembrowski