Malarkey!: 1993 in the Park | Northern Sky Theater

Malarkey!: 1993 in the Park

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Northern Sky presents Malarkey!: 1993 in the Park, the first time Northern Sky has ever released an entire show from its video archive.Shot on a hot summer night in 1993, this archive of Malarkey! positively vibrates with the distinctive energy of the Peninsula Park amphitheater—you can practically hear the trees rustle. Filled with the songs, stories, and humor of Ireland, this archive of Malarkey! features the show’s original cast: Kelly Brainerd, Suzanne Graff, Doc Heide, Jeff Herbst, Karen Mal, and Northern Sky’s late cofounder, Fred Alley. A full video of the show’s sound check was also captured the night of the taping and provides a rare candid look at the cast as they prepare for the evening’s show.

The Door County Advocate wrote of Malarkey! in 1993, “There’s no doubt Frederick Heide and Fred Alley kissed the Blarney Stone during their recent visit to Ireland because the American Folklore Theatre’s production Marlarkey! is as cajoling and persuasive as the gift of gab the legendary stone bestows on those who plant a kiss upon it.”

Premiere: March 17, 2021 at 7:00 PM

After April 30, tickets are available only by calling the Northern Sky office at 920-854-6117.