Lisa Schlenker | Northern Sky Theater

Lisa Schlenker

Resident Designer & Production Manager

Ms. Schlenker is excited to return home to tell stories with the Northern Sky Family.  For over three decades Lisa has devoted time and passion to advancing skills in prop making, scenic design, and mentoring emerging young professionals in the Milwaukee area.  A proud member of the Production Managers Forum, the Society of Prop Managers, and USA Local 829, Lisa keeps work interesting through curiosity and a passion for learning new things. Most recently engaged as Florentine Opera Company’s Production Manager, Lisa is delighted to dive back into the professional gumbo of new work, collaboration, design, and administration  full time at NST.  Lisa’s book with co-author Sandra Strawn: The Properties Director’s Tool Kit is available through Focal Press and on Recent design work:  THE TRAGEDY OF CARMEN, and the double bill of CINDERELLA and THE CHILD AND THE ENCHANTMENTS (Florentine Opera); MALA (MCT); DAD’S SEASON TICKETS  (Northern Sky and Milwaukee Rep); LEONA LIONHEART  (Kohl’s Wild Theatre); THE NICETIES  (Forward Theater); FISHERMAN’S DAUGHTER, KARL JANKO, and NAKED RADIO (Northern Sky); THE BLACKSMITH  (Opera Lafayette at Mancos and Wolftrap).

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** Member of Local USA 829


Lisa Schlenker