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Digital Holiday Mix Tape


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Northern Sky’s Digital Holiday Mix Tape. This digital-only collection includes singalong carols and studio recordings of original seasonal songs performed by Northern Sky company members, along with Doug Mancheski as Marvin from Guys On Ice telling a steady diet of holiday jokes. Think “A Mitch Miller Christmas,” Northern Sky-style. (Mix Tape will be delivered via Dropbox.)


  • Corrie Beula Kovacs
  • Alex Campea
  • Doug Clemons
  • Katie Dahl
  • Lachrisa Grandberry
  • Doc Heide
  • Jeff Herbst
  • Dan Klarer
  • Joel Kopischke
  • John Lewis
  • Karen Mal
  • Doug Mancheski
  • Molly Rhode
  • Nadja Simmonds
  • Chase Stoeger
  • Matt Zembrowski

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